Benefits of Early Reading

By Jonathan Zeen Yick Quek | Submitted On November 03, 2013

Teaching your baby to read at a very young age is one of the best ways to allow your child to begin learning independently. Parents who start to teach reading to their babies at an early age is embarking on a crucial stage in their babies' mental development. You will learn that when you teach reading to your baby early, you will improve your child's chances in excelling later in life. Excelling In School - Teaching your baby to read, and doing so in a fun and pleasurable way, will stimulate your child's brain and help to develop a more sophisticated neural circuitry. Parents who did introduce reading early noted that their children were more likely to excel in their school activities as well as enjoy learning more. This is partly because the children's early reading experience has given them an invaluable ability for word recognition. But more to the point, it has cultivated other higher order thinking skills, such as the use of symbols, which are powerful tools for children to leverage on in their learning at school.

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