How Do Your Routines Impact Children’s Reading?

No one would argue that reading is one of the most important things we can teach our children. When a child learns to read, a whole new world is opened to them.  When a person can read, they will be able to do more, learn more, and become more than they otherwise would. Your routines can positively impact your children’s reading and here are some ideas on how they can encourage your child to become an avid and effortless reader.


Routines Make Time for Reading

In a busy world where we often feel like we are flying from one activity to the next, routines give us a solid schedule where we can make time for what is important to us and our families.  Reading time is an example.  Maintaining a solid routine will ensure that there will always be time for your children to read. Having a certain time set aside daily to read is one of the best things we can schedule and make time for.  Once it becomes a routine or habits your children will count on it.


Routines Allow You to Be Involved in the Process

Routines also allow us to be able to commit to helping a child read. It is frustrating for a child who has a desire to learn something when their parent has too many other things on the go to assist them when needed. Try to put reading into your schedule and plan so that it allows you to be available and be there when necessary.

Routines Allow Your Children to Look Forward to Reading

Children thrive on routines, and they crave predictability in their schedules. When your child knows what to expect at each given moment, they will anticipate what comes next. Although it seems counter-intuitive, your children will be more likely to look forward to reading when they know it is going to happen at a certain time and daily.  When your children are younger and still take naps, consider reading right before naptime.  This allows them time to wind down a little before they lay down for a nap or reading time with a snack after naptime.  If your children are older you may consider a special reading time when they get home from school.  Have a snack and reading time.  This allows them special time with you and teaches them too.


Routines Give Children the Structure to Think Creatively

When a child doesn’t have to wonder what is going to happen at the next moment, all day long, they can channel their creativity into more worthwhile things. A good schedule or routine helps to free up a child mind and their imagination and gives your child room to expand their creative pursuits. Children who think creatively are more likely to enjoy reading because their imagination fills in the blanks as they read and brings the text to life.

Routines Free Your Child’s Mind to Learn

Daily routines help everyone function at their best, from the youngest to the oldest of the family. Routines help us feel stable and let us get into a rhythm. We function at our best when our bodies have a predictable pattern and know what to expect next. Your child will feel less scattered and be able to focus and concentrate on reading when they feel safe and secure. This is what routines do for us.


Routines are beneficial to families in every way. They give time to parents, creative energy to children, and the opportunity to make it all happen. Embrace routines in your life and see what a difference it can make in your child’s ability and love for reading.



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