How Your Children Can Benefit from Reading as They Grow Older


It is a fact that reading can bring in a lot of benefits to our lives both personally and career-wise. Aside from learning new things when reading, it can also help improve our communication skills.

When we read, we expose ourselves to the correct utilization of language through written words and we are able to apply this correct usage in our daily lives.

Though the benefits of reading may not be visible or may not be noticed right away in reality many have benefited from reading. Reading is a very powerful educational tool, especially for children. You can get children interested in reading by having the entire family join a certain book club or go to the library together.

Here are five ways in which reading can help your kids.

Children Develop Intellectual Abilities

Reading can help children develop a love for the written word as well as sharpen their intellectual abilities and master the written language.

Children who become involved in book clubs or start collecting their own books will progress much more quickly than children who do not.


Exposure to Many Different Things

Another benefit of reading is being exposed to so many things. We are not only talking about books that deal with subject matters the children discuss in schools such as chemistry, biology, and the like but reading fiction has its benefits too.

Reading can open a child’s mind to different possibilities, help them become creative, and helps their imaginations soar.  It’s true that experience is the greatest teacher but reading books is undoubtedly a good way of learning about certain life situations in advance.

Reading about things and having that knowledge can make us think twice about making something happen in real life.



Exposure to Different Life Situations

Reading can expose children to different life situations that they can learn from and use in the future.

When children are confronted with a similar situation in the future, such as dealing with strangers or learning new skills they will be able to properly deal with those situations because they were able to read about it before and have that knowledge to help in that situation.

And most often parents or teachers have discussed these situations with children so they are more ready.

Improved Writing Abilities

Another benefit of reading is the improvement of one’s writing ability.  A child’s writing skills can be improved by exposing him or her to correct and formal usage of language through reading published books. Through reading, children master a language subconsciously which is the best method for learning anything, whether or not related to language.

Sometimes, good speakers talk but wouldn’t know how to construct well-written sentences. A person who is good at writing is also usually good at speaking. Those who are good writers and good speakers are most certainly ones who read and learned from books.

When children are young, a parent should start them out with age-appropriate books and move on to harder books as they grow older.  Letting a child choose the books they want to read helps to instill a love of reading and they, in turn, will grow to read more and more as they grow older.


Improved  Analytical Skills

Children who read will be far above their peers because they have learned from all the things they have read.

It is good to have your child or children read a variety of books.  This helps them to develop a sense of what they enjoy or like doing.  If they are only reading fiction, then their imaginations will grow and that’s not all bad but if they read how-to books and other non-fiction books this helps them to grow intellectually as well.

Reading inspirational or motivational books can help instill in children the belief that they can do things, even against the odds.  Reading age-appropriate mystery books can help children develop analytical skills as they try to figure out or solve the mystery.  I know when I was a young teenager I loved Nancy Drew Mysteries and The Hardy Boys.  It helped me to figure out who committed petty theft or whatever mystery there was.

Continue to encourage your children to read a variety of books as they grow older and you will see amazing results in their reading abilities as well as their understanding, speaking, and writing skills.



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