Top Tips to Becoming An Avid Reader

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Reading is not only a wonderful way to relax, but it is also a great way to learn. One of the best steps you can take for self-improvement is to read more. Reading opens you up to a whole world of different skills, viewpoints, and ideas that challenge you. Becoming an avid reader isn’t going to be easy, but it will be worth it. If you want to read more, but have been struggling, then try these steps out.

#1 – Start with a Topic You Love

If you are trying to build a reading habit, then starting with something you love is a great choice. Starting a new habit is hard enough, why also battle against your personal preference? Choose a topic you are interested in and start reading!

#2 – Set Goals to Challenge Yourself

Are you the type of person that rises to a challenge? If so, then consider setting up your reading challenges. You can focus on short-term trying to hit a certain number of pages each day. You can also look at the long term by challenging yourself to read X number of books in a year.

#3 – Don’t Forget about Audio Books

This might be a controversial suggestion in some circles, but don’t dismiss audiobooks. Yes, it might not technically be “reading” but it is still a positive way to ingest information. You can listen to an audiobook when you otherwise can’t read (i.e. driving or walking), plus it can open you up to new insights that you can read about later.


#4 – Consider an eBook Subscription

Another controversial step? Maybe, but I am not saying you have to give up your physical books. An eBook subscription is just another way to find interesting things to read. A massive benefit is the wide libraries you can get access to for a small subscription fee. eBooks also ensure you always have something on hand to read.

#5 – Keep a Reading Log

Tracking the books, you read is a great way to stay motivated to keep reading. As your list builds, your confidence will as well. You will want to keep adding to your list. You’re reading log is also useful to help you keep track of what you have read, or what you want to read in the future.

#6 – Schedule Reading Time

A lot of people claim that “lack of time” is their biggest hurdle when it comes to reading. Do you know how to fix that? Make time. Look at your schedule and figure out when you can pencil some reading time in. You will be surprised how easy it is to find some reading time each day.

#7 – Get Comfortable

When you are ready to get in some serious reading time, make sure you are comfortable. Find a comfy position on a comfy seat and settle in. You should also have adequate lighting, and it wouldn’t hurt to have a snack or drink within reach.


#8 – Don’t Get Caught up in Finishing

A lot of people have an overwhelming urge to finish anything they start. While this is an admirable trait, it isn’t always conducive to building a reading habit. If you are bored out of your mind, or simply disinterested by the time you get through 50 pages or more, consider starting something new.

#9 – Join a Book Club

Joining a book club is a great idea for people wanting to read more. There is added accountability knowing you have to discuss the book with others regularly. Plus, you might enjoy the social aspect of it as well.

Bring the Joy of Reading Back into Your Life

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Reading is an excellent habit to develop. You can read about anything that interests you and acquire an infinite amount of knowledge. You might not ever be able to travel to Antarctica in real life, but you can “be there” in a flash with a book. You can not go back in time in person, but with a good book, you can travel back in your imagination.

Young children love to read and to have books read to them. Unfortunately, many of us lose interest or simply cannot find the time to read once we become adults and are overwhelmed by life.

If you want to bring the joy of reading back into your life, try some of these ideas to rediscover the joy of reading:


Read Books You Really Want to Read

Avoid reading something just because you think you should. Not everyone needs to read War and Peace or Paradise Lost. Try reading old Superman comic books if that is what you really want to read. You are an adult and are no longer in school. You have a choice to read many types of books, or different genres and variety. And you are not looking for a grade on how much you read or what you read. In fact, last year I read a book called “Prairie Fires” with my book club group. It was a huge book about Laura Ingalls Wilder and her daughter Rose. I thought it was interesting and it inspired me to read the Laura Ingalls Wilder books that I had read when I was a little girl. I started reading them at the beginning of the year and thoroughly enjoyed them. Reading that series of books again brought back so many memories.


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Create the Time to Read

Create the time to read even if it is only for 20 minutes before bed or during your lunch hour. You do not have to think you do not have the time because of your busy life, you watch too much TV, or spend too much time surfing the Internet. Let go of some of those things and read instead. You do not even have to read every day but decide you want to try and read every other day or once or twice a week. Just decide that you want to read more and create the time to do it. Reading can become a habit if you do it more regularly. And the benefits outweigh letting go of some of those other things that take up your time.


When Reading, Only Read

When you are reading, it is time to only read. It is not a time for one eye to be on your book and the other eye on the television or stuck in a social media app. To get the most out of reading you need to focus on the book in front of you. Commit to just reading and get the most out of the storyline or the information contained in the book. If you concentrate wholly on the book and the story you are reading, you may quickly find that you enjoy it much more than the television. When reading you use your own imagination and creativity.


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You Do Not Have to Finish Every Book You Start

Like many of us, you must suffer through some things in your life that are less than exciting, but the books you choose to read does not have to be one of those things. If a book you chose lacks excitement or does not hold your interest, put it down and choose another one. Life is too short to be bored by a book you are not absolutely enjoying. There are way too many books out there for you to have to suffer through a book that is not worth the time to read.

Take Your Time and Enjoy What You Read

Do not worry about how quickly you read. It does not matter how long it takes you to finish a book. When you choose a book to read the important thing is to have a blast reading it. If you begin reading regularly you will find your reading speed will increase over time. Take the time to enjoy what you choose to read.


Look at Book Reviews

If you are like a lot of people you may not know what you want to read or maybe you are looking for something different than you normally read. It is a good idea to check out book reviews before you choose something to read. Websites like have thousands and thousands of reviews and sometimes you can download a sample of the book before you purchase it. Downloading a sample of a book that looks interesting is a quick and easy way to figure out if you might like it before you purchase it. There are many best-selling books lists out there and many of them offer reviews of the book. If you are not quite sure what you would like to read, spend a little time looking through book reviews and find something you think you may enjoy.


Get a Library Card

One of the things I remember about being a child was getting a library card. I loved to read and going to the library and choosing a few books I wanted to read was so much fun. For many adults, going to the library has lost its luster. Sometimes we associate it with being in school or college and having to study and research to write a paper, but if you love to read and do not want to break the bank on purchasing books go to your local library and get a library card. Free is good. Your local library can be a wonderful place. Take advantage of your tax dollars and check it out.


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Check Out Used Bookstores

Most communities have at least one used bookstore and sometimes more than one. At a used bookstore not only can you find a lot of books that have reduced prices, sometimes at least 50% off, you can also sell the books you have already finished reading. Books are not trophies that need to be kept on your shelves. If you are not going to read it again, why save it? You may even decide to donate your books to a local charity when you are done and if you did not spend a lot on the book it will not hurt as much giving it away to someone else to enjoy.

Join a Book Club

Another good idea to help get back into reading is to consider joining a book club.
You can read a book on your own and then discuss it with others. You will learn a lot more about the book and gain a new social circle, too. Reading is a solitary activity, but there are aspects of reading that can be very social.

I have been part of a book club for over ten years and we have read a lot of books that I may never have chosen to read but was glad I did. Although I may not have liked every book we have read, I gained a lot of insight into different aspects of life, community, social issues, and other subjects. Becoming part of a book club opened my eyes to so many genres as well. And our group evolved into more than just reading and became so much fun.


Reading opens your mind up to so many new possibilities. There is so much you can learn. Choosing a few different things such as reading books you want to read, creating time to read, browsing reviews to find a good book, joining a book club to broaden your horizons, and getting a library card where reading can even be free will help bring the joy of reading back into your life. Now, go find a great book that fascinates you and carve out some time in your life to read it. You’ll be glad you did!

Happy Reading!



Choosing the Right Book to Read

Literature has been mankind’s way of creating a utopia and living with it. The world is filled with imperfections, and books are the only way to map out the creation of a perfect world. Perhaps that is why many great writers referred to them as the best teachers. Novels and stories have been a much-recommended way for individuals to improve their learning and language skills.

It has been observed that reading regularly is the most optimum way of improving one’s language skills and expanding vocabulary. However, with the passage of time, the nature and form of these books have undergone a drastic change. With more readers looking to the internet as a source, there is a fear that reading books will soon fade out of fashion.


Is the Internet Detrimental to Books?

Before the advent of the internet, it was common for kids to spend their summer afternoons lazing inside the house reading a novel. But this has changed with the development of technology. In fact, many educationists rued the dwindling of the reading habit among the younger generation. But there are certain benefits of technological advancement. The internet has become a source of great novels for many people. There are a number of sites that offer novels at reduced rates on the internet. This increase has led to a return to popularity for many bookstores.  In fact, I have many bookstores here on this site that I have partnered with to offer top selling books, hard to find books, books for children and adults alike.

There are many brick and mortar bookstores.  Most of those same bookstores often offer their books or most of their books on the internet as well.  This allows the customer to find books that they are looking for and can either order online or they can go down to the bookstore and purchase the book in person.    Instead of allowing the internet to be a source of detriment to books it can be used to enhance our love of reading and use to research many more books that are out there that we may not know to exist.


Benefits of Reading

Although it is a much-advised practice, it is important to cultivate an educated reading practice. Often students find it difficult to cope with their higher education, as they do not have a regular reading habit. A healthy interest in books from a younger age will help the students adjust to longer study schedules with much more ease and comfort. This also will reduce their difficulty in understanding the language and improve their vocabulary.

The reading of a good book is known to introduce a person too much more than just an inventive story. The language used, the intentions of the author and the purpose of the writing open the reader to a vast gamut of artistic qualities in the book. With times changing, there has been a change in the appearance and nature of books that are coming out. Graphic novels have become accepted as a new form of fiction writing and have become very popular among the younger generation. The old classics still retain their audience, but with the use of the internet, people have access to a wide range of fiction and non-fiction novels.


Using Book Reviews to Choose a Book

The use of book reviews on the internet is also a great advantage to many readers. Often readers are confused about which books to buy. The book reviews offer them critical insight into the works and help them in making the right choice for their needs.

This will help them improve their language while at the same time availing of an aesthetic knowledge of the art of writing. With sites on the internet offering discounts and rebates on online book purchases, the art of reading is on its way back to popularity.


Happy Reading!!